Starting a swimwear label

Part 1

Like I said in my previous post, I will try and keep it short. So this written series on starting a swimwear label will be an ongoing thing. I will post the different episodes of the whole story every Wednesday on IG and on the website.

Ever wondered how to start your own designer label? But do you have no idea what to do, or where to start? I’d like to give you some insights based on personal experience, to help you on your way.

The start of starting a label is quite simple really, it just takes a lot of creative thinking and most of all, effort. The start is not the hard part. When I started, it was so easy I couldn’t believe why not everyone else was doing this. It was so much fun, not expensive, and really easy to do. But of course, starting a startup is not always easy, I was just very naive at the time.

How did I start?
Without thinking ahead, I literally started by drawing a bikini sketch on paper. I am no artist, my sketches are ugly, but at least it showed the design that I had mind. Obviously this needed to become a digital drawing so I went online, searched for a freelancer who could help me create a technical drawing and that was that. First steps taken. See photos below for the progress from sketch to completion.

To be continued...


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