No more sales talk. But REAL talk. Business talk.

Truth be told, I highly dislike maintaining social media for business purposes. It all feels fake to me. Whenever I come up with new copy for a post, it is just NOT me. It’s the same sales talk over and over again, and also the exact same what every other brand out there posts as well. I mean, what can you write nowadays that is original and unique anyway? I know I can’t keep doing this, I don’t know what to come up with anymore and as you may have noticed, I haven’t been online or posting for a while. I just can’t write something I don’t truly feel.

Nevertheless, social media is such a big part of the current world we’re living in, I really want to maintain it. But it has to be something that I like writing about.

So, it will be real talk. Personal talk. Not much sales talk. Talking about the business side, talking about how it all started, giving tips & tricks on how to start your own business, give some insights and behind the scenes. Keeping it personal. Because that, I can write about! Also, I hate large amount of texts so in my following posts I’ll keep it short. Everything will also be posted online on the website, at the blog section!

That’s it for now – x Tara





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