How to find a manufacturer - 2

... After I contacted the agency, I said I had everything ready for them start. Little did I know I wasn't even close to being ready. 'Did I have the specifications of all bikinis?' you know, all measurements? 'Had I chosen the fabric yet?' 'Did I have all colours picked out and prints made up?'

Ehhh... no!

But luckily the agency was willing to help me explain what I needed to do for the next step, so for that, I was very thankful. After I had everything ready and had paid the first invoice (which included all sample cost + agency cost), the agency started to find me a local manufacturer who could meet my requirements and started working on the bikinis. 

Since I had no idea how it all worked, I was very patient and let myself wait and wait and wait until the first samples were finally ready. Which took a loooong time. Probably because I was such a small starting client, I was last on the list to be helped. Furthermore, communication wasn't great, it cost me a lot of money and I agreed to a 'high' MOQ (minimum order quantity). I thought it was normal. It was not.

So in short my experience with an agency:

+ Gives you direction, if you're lost. Helps you on your way
- High agency cost
- High sample + bulk cost
- High MOQ
- Long turnaround time 

In the meantime, I had spoken to someone in the field, and she was shocked to hear my waiting time and sample + bulk prices. She really advised me to go elsewhere. Through her, I found another manufacturer with great communication, low MOQ and better prices. I immediately stopped the sample process with the agency, and started sampling again with the new place. 

Long story short: After you find a manufacturer (whether that is through an agency or by finding it yourself online or by literally stepping inside a factory) keep your eyes and ears open. Along the way you mind find a way better place to go.

x Tara

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