How to find a manufacturer

Part 2 of the series 'starting a swimwear label'

..Once I had my technical drawings done, it was time to find a manufacturer. But where to start? Do I search nationally or internationally? If internationally, will it be ethical? Do they speak my language? How much is shipping to those countries? Isn't it easier to start locally? But how much would that be?

Lot's of questions and no one in my life was able to help me with this. I must tell you, I have ZERO experience in the fashion industry, I don't know shit about designing, manufacturing, sewing, patternmaking, starting a clothes line, nothing. And also no one close to me has any experience in that field. Which made it really hard at times, I have to admit. My journey took a long time, I had a lot of problems to solve and it cost a lot of money! But in the end it was all worth it! I do believe that having some knowledge and/or experience would be extremely helpful, but even without the right education and work experience, you can get there!!

But anyway, I am getting off track. I started googling (my one friend who actually had answers for me). After a while I ended up on a website with a gigantic FAQ-section with ALL my questions in there, all answered. As if they were speaking to me!! I immediately stopped looking and contacted them. They were an agency, specializing in finding manufacturers for swimwear. If you pay them for their services, they will help you with all the questions you might have and will find the right manufacturers for you, who can make the garments. 

Again, I'd like to keep it short so later this week I will continue the story of 'how to find a manufacturer'. And of course, next Wednesday a new episode of 'how to start a swimwear label'. 

To be continued...

x Tara 


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