Part 5 of the series ‘starting a swimwear label’

To find the right fabric, I personally touched over a 100 different kinds of fabric, only to try and get the perfect one! Personally, I am no fan of the standard fabrics that are used in the swimwear industry. I prefer a little bit more of a 'special' fabric. One that is unknown or not used often.

Not just with swimwear, but even in every day life I am all about luxury fabrics. As an example, I am a huge fan of bamboo cotton for my bed linen, and it has gotten so far that I will definitely know when I sleep in normal cotton! Ugh!

Anyway, I wanted good quality fabrics for my swimwear. After all, I live in a country where we wear swimwear 24/7, it has to be comfortable on your skin, ánd with the right fit. That’s why I chose one of the heaviest fabrics (thickness of 200mg) and I even chose to double line every piece! This means both the tops and bottoms have double layers of fabric. Say goodbye to a clearly visible cameltoe and nipnips! ;)

Besides its thickness, the fabric has a 4-way stretch! This means the fabric stretches and recovers both width and lengthwise. This offers great freedom of movement! And the best thing of all, it has a fantastic touch. Overall the feedback has been really good. Women are noticing a clear difference and pride the bikinis for its soft fit on the body!

At the moment, I am looking forward to go over some new fabrics for a possible new collection!


xx Tara

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